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Jam Shed part 3: Introducing "the shed."

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

The current brand elements, such as the bottle colour and label are intended to be eye-catching. However my research told me that the brand is getting attention for all the wrong reasons. Many respondents felt that the blue colour of the label was not a good match with the dark of the glass bottle, and many thought the product looked more like a liquor bottle than a wine. They said the label looking crowded and was confusing. Many respondents said they wouldn’t purchase the wine, and that it looked liked it was of poor quality. All in all, not a great result!

Nonetheless, many participants agreed that Jam Shed is noticeable on the shelf in a supermarket. Since the TA want to be able to pick out a wine quickly and easily, this is definitely something that we want to hold on to!

Image of Jam Shed on shelf in Asda

Understanding the TA (Brand Design Preferences)

In order to understand the preferences of the target audience, Jam Shed’s current branding was compared to the label it had initially used when the wine was first launched. Many respondents claimed to prefer this branding, but admitted that, whilst they thought it looked like it would be better quality than Jam Shed, that it was too similar to what one would expect from a red wine, and didn’t stand out at all. Jam Shed Original Branding

Jam Shed’s current branding was then compared to a much more pared down red wine label– Jam Jar. Many people preferred this wine's branding, stating that it looked young and fun, whilst still perceiving it as being good quality. Many said they were more likely to buy this wine than Jam Shed. Jam Jar Shiraz

Design Thinking: How to capture Jam Shed's brand values. With this information in mind, I felt better prepared to come up with a new brand design for Jam Shed, that would better encapsulate its core values. I took to the drawing board to think of a better way to truly capture the essence of jam shed. Idea 1 : Australia's Aboriginal Roots Going back to Jam Shed’s roots in Leasingham, South-East Australia, I thought of changing the name to aboriginal words such as :

KARINYA: happy home

BAROOGA: my home BALAKA: content

These words could represent the building in which the wine is produced, which is referred to endearingly as “the jam shed” by the locals of Leasingham. Although I liked this idea I felt it was straying too far from Jam Shed’s core message. Idea 2: Jam! I attempted to capture Jam Shed's "jammy-ness" by incorporating elements of traditional jam jars into the wine's label. After a few attempts, I realised I was only looking to Jam Shed's past instead of to the future. What Jam Shed needed was a more modern image.

Change #4: "The Shed" name & logo

Continuing my research, I realised what Jam Shed was missing, an easily identifiable and recognisable logo, as well as a memorable name. Wine buffs may find it easy to remember names – but new wine drinkers need something more memorable!

More than half of the survey respondents said they didn’t like Jam Shed as a name. Some claiming that jam was not something that they necessarily wanted to associate with a wine. Even though the name can be said to be a descriptor of the wine, a new name needs to be created in order to better reflect the brand’s personality. I thought "the shed" was perfect, as it maintained Leasingham vineyards heritage, whilst giving it a fresh and more modern twist. The letters would all be in lower casing in order to be perceived as friendly, approachable and casual. The shed logo aims to pay homage to the shed in which the wines are produced, which has been important to the local economy of Leasingham for over 100 years. It was designed to represent keep Jam Shed's quirkiness, and is a fun and friendly new image for the brand.


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