• Nadia B

Accolade Wines Branding

In 2020 I completed improved Brand Guidelines for the xxx wine Brand Accolade Wines. We discovered through consumer research that consumers that Jam Shed was suffering from low brand awareness and that consumers perceived the wine to be of poor quality because of the branding.

The brand design was completely reimagined, featuring a new name, new logo and a completely new style. The brand has also been extended to include white and rosé wine, with the aim of catering to all of our consumers needs but also to reinforce brand knowledge and convey broader brand meaning to consumers.

Jam Shed’s core values of being made in the “Jam Shed” in Leasingham, SE Australia have been kept, but the new brand identity reflects the wines versatility, making it a wine which is fun, approachable and appealing to a wide range of consumers. This is intended to attract the target market provided by Accolade Wines, of people who do not know much about wine, who are looking for a good quality and reliable wine for a variety of activities.

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